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Healthera: Jun Seki on Revolutionising Healthcare
Jun Seki is the CTO at Healthera, the leading online platform for digitising consumer medication and repeat prescriptions describes the healthtech revolution.
27 Jan 2022
Scaling technology in modern architectures
To find out more about scaling technology in modern architectures and the ways it could affect organisations of all sizes, Glyn Roberts, our CTO of Digital Solutions, caught up with Jon Hammant (AWS).
29 Sep 2021
Understanding quality assurance in software engineering
Clear up some of the most common misconceptions and get a better idea of what quality assurance is all about with Glyn Roberts and Axana Skinder.
25 Aug 2021
Should you outsource your project build or hire internally: A complete guide
We've gathered the main points you need to consider before deciding whether you want to hire internally, work with contractors or outsource.
20 Aug 2021
The best practices of high-performing remote teams
Let's find out more about the best practices for remote working teams with Glyn Roberts and Mackenzie Fogelson.
13 Aug 2021
Measuring performance within engineering teams
Insightful article about metrics, getting the team onboard and identifying the most useful data sets for your business.
06 Aug 2021