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A Business Leadership Tech webinar
Revolutionising healthcare with e-commerce

March 11, 2021 l 5pm GMT | 12pm EST

Waiting in line at Boots is quickly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the widespread adoption of e-commerce in the pharmacy sector. But despite being convenient, cost-effective, and certainly spurred along by the pandemic, e-pharmacies do face multiple hurdles along the way.

In this exclusive webinar, Jun Seki, CTO of Healthera, will share hands-on insight into the trends and challenges shaping online pharmacy and the secrets to entering this challenging, yet lucrative, market in the UK.


Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions, iTechArt
Glyn has 15 years' expertise delivering software projects and leading technology teams. He's an active member of the global tech community (CTO Craft, CTO Connection) as well as a professional speaker, group facilitator, and official member of Forbes Technology Council.
Guest speaker
Jun Seki, CTO, Healthera
Jun Seki serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Healthera, a platform that digitises healthcare retailers. Throughout his 15-years career, Jun has built scalable solutions that reached millions of consumers and helped retailers generate hundreds of millions in revenue with his previous co-founded company, Poq. He grew the engineering team from 1 to 40 and helped the company reach 100+ staff located in both New York and London (rated 4.9/5 on Glassdoor) through series B funding. Jun is a graduate of Australian National University with a Bachelor's in IT.

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