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Transforming to a product-focused business

November 4, 2021, 4pm GMT
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In the agile age, transforming from a project- to product-focused business is the right thing to do — so long as it’s executed by a team with the right expertise.

In our next BLT session, Emre Ertan, CPO at Getir, will share takeaways from his own success in building product-centric organisations, as well as uncover the common pitfalls entrepreneurs are prone to and how to avoid them.

You’ll also hear about:

- Crucial steps to finding product-market fit

- Tips for hiring within a product-focused environment

- How to get organizational redesign right


Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions, iTechArt
Glyn has 15 years' expertise delivering software projects and leading technology teams. He's an active member of the global tech community (CTO Craft, CTO Connection) as well as a professional speaker, group facilitator, and official member of Forbes Technology Council.
Guest speaker
Emre Ertan, Chief Product Officer, Getir
Emre Ertan serves as the CPO at Getir, bringing 13 years of experience in the IT field to his role. Prior to Getir, he held product management leadership roles at multiple technology companies in San Francisco. Emre holds an MBA from Stanford University, and has two patents on mobile solutions.

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