Update on the current situation at iTechArt's delivery centers in Belarus

Company update

12 August 2020

Amid the recent political tensions in Belarus, we feel obligated to share iTechArt's early response and the ways in which we are supporting our employees and clients during this difficult time.

What we are doing for our employees

  • We have invited those engineers who cannot work at home back to the office. There, we have greater control over the internet connection, which makes communication and the coordination of project activities much easier. Please note that we are taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions.
  • We respect the active civic engagement of our employees. Every morning, we check in with all employees to ensure that they are safe. We stand ready and willing to provide legal support to all detained employees.
  • We've launched a 24/7 emergency number: +375 (29) 113 7777. If employees need any assistance or support, they can reach out personally or through relatives and friends.

What we are doing for our clients

  • As of 12 August, all systems are operating properly. Connection to all services and resources has been restored, and our project teams are back to work as usual. We are firmly committed to delivering to the best of our ability and are excited to get back on track.
  • Together with our ISP, we are now actively working on a solution that will further improve the speed and stability of the internet in all of our offices in Belarus.
  • We are working around the clock to help all teams stay connected, meet deadlines, and maintain the highest possible quality of deliverables.
  • If you have any questions or require more details on a particular point, please reach out to your account manager or delivery manager. Needless to say, we will address such requests with the highest priority.


We have – and always will – put safety first, whether for our team members or anyone outside the company. Although some aspects of this situation are beyond our control, we are doing our best to minimize the impact on the delivery of our services and develop a mitigation strategy if a similar situation reoccurs.

We are confident that Belarus’ community will rebound soon, stronger than ever.

Our team is against any form of violence, and we will continue to follow this path. We have been touched by your encouragement, understanding, and support during these challenging times. We do feel it, and we appreciate it!

Denis Pakhomov, COO at iTechArt Group