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iTechArt equips startups and technology leaders with exceptional talent to start and scale their product development quickly. Our dedicated development team will sync perfectly with your in-house engineers, working with the same tools and methodologies and embracing a shared mindset.
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On-demand talent Hiring the right people is a challenge for every company in this competitive world of tech. But we’ve assembled 3500+ top-shelf developers to enable you to scale immediately. Software engineering and beyond We transform your strategy into high-quality deliverables across software, QA, DevOps, and a big variety of the latest technologies. Extensive local presence iTechArt combines a wide range of software development expertise. With a well-established local presence, we deliver customised products to serve your unique business needs. Startup mindset Despite 15+ years in the global IT market, we've kept our startup mentality at the heart of what we do. Always agile and ready to adapt quickly, we confidently deliver on tricky projects and thrive on new challenges.

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You no longer have to stress out trying to handpick outstanding developers from various companies – we’ve already found the best, and they are ready to join your project. All you need to do is choose how you would like to collaborate. Dedicated teams Unlike traditional models, our dedicated teams focus completely on you. We help define your goals and provide honest advice about whether going remote is the right option for you. We build an engineering team tailored to your desired skill-set that blends flawlessly with your in-house engineers. Project-based Our team takes care of everything, leaving you to focus on what matters: company growth. Not only can we develop your project from scratch, we excel at business analysis, technical documentation, prototyping, design, software development, and quality assurance - all while optimising the cost, timeframe, and scope of the work.

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Ambition is the key ingredient to success. If you dare to act, we help you realise your intention to disrupt here and now, without hesitation.

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to act
Our sophisticated onboarding process allows us to review all your product and process requirements efficiently. We ensure complete transparency with our documentation, enabling your team to grasp the important details swiftly.
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As well as offering a broad range of time-tested programming languages and frameworks, we embrace emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT so that you can capitalise on the benefits of tech industry innovation.
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Our whole process is built around the client. We strike up open, back and forth conversations to synchronise with your goals. With us, you get faster matchmaking and quicker team scaling while enjoying a lower operational overhead.

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