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iTechArt provides senior-level talent to help startups and technology trailblazers quickly start and scale their product development. Our dedicated development team will perfectly sync with your in-house engineers, using the same tools and methodologies and embracing the same mindset.
since 2002 ———— All-in-one software teams ———— 1800+ Devs

Software teams built on partnership

On-demand talent Hiring great people is a challenge for any company in this competitive world of tech. We managed to pull 1800+ devs together to enable you scale right away. Software engineering and beyond We transform your strategy into high-quality deliverables across software, QA, DevOps and all sorts of peak technologies. Extensive local presence iTechArt combines a breadth of software development competence with a well-established local presence to deliver truly customized products and serve your unique needs. Startup mindset We’ve been on the market for 15 years, but make sure the startup nerd within us is alive and well. While some might be apprehensive about working on tricky projects, we have it covered.

You choose the way we work

You don’t have to go crazy trying to handpick outstanding developers from here and there – we have already found these people. They are ready to join your project right away. All you need to do is choose how. Dedicated teams Unlike a traditional dedicated teams model, we give not only helping hands but minds and hearts. We help define your goals and provide honest advice on why remote is your go-to option. Then, we build an engineering team that fits your desired skill sets and blends well with your in-house engineers. Project-based If you’d like to focus more on company growth, then our team takes care of everything else. We can develop your application from scratch. We excel at business analysis, tech documentation writing, prototyping, design, software development, and quality assurance - all while tightly managing cost, time and work scope.

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Ambition is the key ingredient of success. If you dare to do something, we help to realise your intention to disrupt here and now, without waiting for change.

title_1 Always is the time
to act
While we may not read your mind, we thoroughly read all of your instructions and requirements. iTechArt ensures your team quickly grasps specifications of any complexity without lots of guidance, and makes smart and creative decisions.
title_2 Wide technology
We offer a broad range of both time-tested programming languages and frameworks, along with emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT, to let you feel the full benefits of innovation.
title_3 Win-win
Our whole process is built around the client. We strike up open, back and forth conversations to find our mutual goals. With us, you get faster matchmaking and quicker team scale up while enjoying less operational overhead.

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