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Payment platform for Memento Payments

This ready-to-use payment platform allows companies to integrate different fintech services into one customer-facing solution.

memento_case02 Challenge

As a fast-growing banking-product-as-a-service platform, Memento Payments launches financial apps at a fraction of the time and cost. The client teamed up with iTechArt to boost its own app, correct some business-critical bugs, and add select new features, entrusting iTechArt with the following tasks:

  • Integrate Mitek MiSnap into the existing code and adjust it to the industry-specific needs
  • Tailor the platform to Memento Payments’ major client
  • Fix app bugs and vulnerabilities


While partnering with Memento Payments, our main challenge was adding cheque scanning features. iTechArt engineers achieved this goal by integrating mobile-capture SDK — Mitek MiSnap — into the React Native framework, thus enabling instant capture of quality images.


Our team also significantly contributed to the app of Memento Payments’ partner, who requested that we:

  • Develop their app based on Memento Payments solution, allowing the user to save money and make instant payments using just their cell number
  • Leverage React Native Reanimated library to create smooth animations and interactions running on the UI thread


  • Typescript
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Thunk
  • Persist
  • Reanimated
  • Swift 5
  • Java
  • React Navigation

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